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Welcome to the Crawley Town Supporters Travel Group – to be known as GHCoaches
As you can see we now have an official name, we have associate membership of the FSF with our own coach insurance, a bank account and our own travel web site, Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s been a very emotional few weeks since we decided to run coaches to the away games – We would thank everyone who has helped getting everything set up for our first trip to Cheltenham on Saturday 27th August 2011. We are disappointed at the comments being made by others and contrary to what they are indicating, Kevin and I are not taking or will not take any money out, everyone who travels on our coach will pay the appropriate fare – we can confirm that any profits made will be solely used to help subsidise our future coaches and at the end of the season any surplus will be carried over. If, in the future our venture folds, then any profit made we will donated to the Chestnut Tree Charity. Bill Doidge & Tara Greenway will be overseeing the accounts and acting as signatories on the cheques, which we would thank them for their involvement. We would also than those supporters who have made donations to the setting up of the Travel Group. 
We would like to thank Dave, Gavin and Darren Brown for their continued help and assistance in setting this venture up, without that we wouldn’t be in the situation today where we can offer our supporters an alternative travel to away games.
Over the past 23 years our partnership as the Crawley Town Supporters Club has been able to offer supporters a cheap way of getting to games, and we intend to keep this going this season and beyond under our new identity. We know that we are working with a terrific coach company who have great respect in the industry – and whose contingency plans when we went to Manchester for the FA Cup match were very impressive – the work that went on behind the scenes for the big day were immense. David, Kevin and I learnt a lot from the experience, something we all will hopefully use again. Where we can't run a coach for financial reasons we will endeavour to run a minibus to matches, again as cheap as we can.

THE NEW MOON - updated September 14 is now officially open – and is our base once again after the major refurbished and as you can see has been re-namd The New Moon - It is still a sports venue with  Multi TV screens, SKY & BT sports are now being shown, Pool Tables, Pre-match Food and Drinks - Its only 400 yards  - 3 minute walk from the Broadfield Stadium on the Old Brighton Road towards Crawley town centre. Away coach parking available if required. It is an "Away fan's" pub, so why not come in for a pre-match drink with us and have a good old friendly banter. If you want food then they have a matchday menu available - also the usual "real ales, ciders and lagers" are on tap. They now have permission to park upto 5 supporters coaches at the pub. 

There is some car parking available at the New Moon and in the local area. Also when we return, the New Moon will be open, so if you want a drink before going home you will be welcome.
On the return journey, we will still do our drop off’s via Northgate and the Town Centre.


We will again be using Crawley Luxury Coaches for the 22nd year, since we started as the former supporters club, travel club; this was before we started our independent supporter’s coaches when promoted into the football league.  
Our aim is to run one supporters coaches to as many games as we can and as cost effective as we are able, sometimes due to numbers or costs it is not feasible, but we would endeavour to run a minibus or some of us will drive our cars when this occurs. We always leave at the stated time of departure, unless we get a phone call saying that you are running late and can we wait a few minutes, we have unfortunately left supporters behind, but they soon learnt to get to the coach early rather than miss it.
We do have toilet facilities on the coach and on the longer trips we try to have tea/coffee/soft drinks available.
We arrange our main stop at country pub rather than the expensive motorway services; these are generally a few minutes off the motorway and under an hour from the opponents ground. We will if time allows have a short comfort stop en-route to the pub, but we have at least an hour’s stop, usually more if the traffic conditions allow at the pub. We also put on a buffet lunch for supporters that travel with us and these are included in the fare - we have over the years managed to find some very good stops and the food provided is excellent. This season we have a few new ones to visit so hopefully these will be just as good. After the game, it’s straight back on the coach for the trip home. On the homeward bound journey, as required, we do use the motorway services as a short comfort break for the travellers, also so the driver can have a break and a coffee.
We also do the occasional overnight trip to the longer games – Carlisle United and Hartlepool United are the matches we have sorted so far. These are the games before Christmas with Hartlepool at the end of October and Carlisle at the end of November. Unfortunately the Morecambe and Plymouth matches are also in October and would prove to be an expensive had we tried to arrange overnights for all, especially the Tuesday night match in Morecambe, and only 4 days before Hartlepool. We are still sorting out the costs for the weekenders, but will do it as cheaply as we can, hopefully on a par with the previous overnight trips we have had.
We also have qualified first aiders on the coach should the need arise, but thankfully to date have not been required, but it is comforting to know they are on board.  
Finally, we enjoy ourselves, it’s about the whole day and watching the football is part of it, we don’t expect the coach to be a morgue throughout the day – although on the really early starts it is known for most of the coach party to be asleep (except Kevin) – there are plenty of debates going on, both on the way up and especially about the game on the way back.    
Like all football supporters coaches we have a couple of rules/guide lines that we must adhere to – the obvious ones are no smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed on the coach – we have had spot checks by the police at a couple of grounds over the last couple of years and it’s good to report that we have had no problems. The one request though, is that we don’t upset our driver, we all know that Kevin’s temperamental at times, especially when the Kiwi’s and West Ham are playing, or I decide to take a scenic route that wasn’t actually planned.

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