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Updated 1st January 2017

Welcome to the Crawley Town Supporters Travel Group – now to be known as GH Away Travel

As from the 1st January 2017 we became the official provider of supporters transport when the CTSA decided to stop running their coaches. This was in agreement with the Football Club.
CRAWLEY LUXURY COACHES, TURBOSTYLE AND PREMIER COACHES – Our Coach providers - depending on when and where the games are and what availability the coach companies have.
We would like to thank the coaches companies for the help and assistance they have given us so far this season. 

We have two bases where you can find us - THE NEW MOON & REDZ BAR  –  We will be in the New Moon from midday until 1.30 and then we will move down to Redz at the ground - if you want to book on any of our coaches then please come and see us at either location - or text/Email/Twitter to book your seat.

On Away Match Days

Our Supporters coaches will all depart from the Stadium - we leave the stadium at the stated departure time - if you are not there at this time then you will have missed the coach unless we get a message that you have been delayed and are on your way. 
On the return journey, we will still do our drop off’s via Northgate and the Town Centre.
On the longer trips its likely that only one coach will travel - on local games we will review and decide depending on numbers booking on.

We will continue with our main stop at country pubs rather than the expensive motorway services; these are generally a few minutes off the motorway and under an hour from the opponents ground. We will if time allows have a short comfort stop en-route to the pub, but we have at least an hour’s stop, usually more if the traffic conditions allow at the pub. We also put on a buffet lunch for supporters that travel with us and these are included in the fare - we have over the years managed to find some very good stops and the food provided is excellent. This season we have a few new ones to visit so hopefully these will be just as good. After the game, it’s straight back on the coach for the trip home. On the homeward bound journey, as required, we do use the motorway services as a short comfort break for the travellers, also so the driver can have a break and a coffee.
We also do the occasional overnight trip to the longer games – These will be published as soon as the Fixture are announced.
We also have qualified first aiders on the coach should the need arise, but thankfully to date have not been required, but it is comforting to know they are on board.  
Finally, we enjoy ourselves, it’s about the whole day and watching the football is only part of it, we don’t expect the coach to be a morgue throughout the day – although on the really early starts it is known for most of the coach party to be asleep (except Kevin) – there are plenty of debates going on, both on the way up and especially about the game on the way back.
Like all football supporters coaches we have a couple of rules/guide lines that we must adhere to – the obvious ones are no smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed on the coach and must abide by the drivers hours – we have had spot checks by the police at a couple of grounds over the last couple of years and it’s good to report that we have had no problems. We also have  a clean coach policy - so the coach returns to the yard in ther same condition interally as it came - rubbish bags will be provided.

Last season we made a decision to allow 15/16 year olds to travel unaccompanied provided we had their parents permission and they were dropped off and picked up from the New Moon - unless otherwise agreed - again should we have any issues with the younger supporters then this decision will be reviewed. But I will say that last season these supporters behaviour was exemporary and we welcome them back this season.  However the overnight trips they must be accompanied, that goes for anyone under 18. 

REDZ Bar and the New Moon
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